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PA Trail Dog Swag

Looking for PA Trail Dog swag? Head right over to ReVibe Gear. The PA Trail Dogs have partnered up with fellow PA trail runner and owner of ReVibe Gear, Tania Jacobsen, to offer race swag and a variety of trail gear to our runners. Proceeds from ReVibe Gear’s sales go directly to ReVibe Outdoors, a non-profit group that works to create and fund free outdoor programs for kids here in PA, including our growing kids-only trail races — the Little Loggers Trail Fest at the WCSA in Hyner, and the Smallfoot Trail Fest at Mt Pisgah State Park in Troy. Both races are FREE of charge and open to kids 12 and under. The goal of these events is to encourage kids to get outside, gain confidence in their outdoor abilities, and push their limits through the sport of trail running.

PA Trail Dog store

Shop for all of our available race swag at REVIBEGEAR.COM, and give kids of all backgrounds a chance to get outdoors and hit the trails. The site is continuously updated with new race swag after each of our races, so check back often for all the latest and greatest PA Trail Dog supplies.

Got extra gear to get rid of?

At all of the PA Trail Dog races, we partner with ReVibe Gear to offer collection bins where you can drop off any new/very gently used trail gear you no longer want or need. Tried out a new brand of shoes and they just don’t work right for you? Drop them in the bin. Got a new hydration pack and want to pass along your good-condition outdated model? Drop it in the bin. All of the gear donations collected at our races go straight to ReVibe Gear & ReVibe Outdoors. Your hand-me-downs help pick a kid up and set them off on the right foot.


What we do

Every purchase you make and donation you bring out gets another kid out on the trails of PA! Donations from the PA Trail Dogs and ReVibe Gear make events like the Little Loggers Trail Fest and Smallfoot Trail Fest possible. If you’ve got kids 12 or younger, we encourage you to bring them out to one of these kids-only races and give them a day in the woods that they’ll never forget.

The PA Trail Dogs and ReVibe Gear at the start line of the 2018 Little Loggers Trail Fest.

The PA Trail Dogs and ReVibe Gear at the start line of the 2018 Little Loggers Trail Fest.